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How we can help

Make you customers keep coming back.

Give prizes depending on the number of visits encourages your customers to return, like the puch cards, but on your mobile, and more advantages.

You can set up your own rewards program and reward the loyalty of your customers. You'll have happier customers that speaks better of your merchant.

Send effective promotions.

Until now, when your customers were leaving your home how you communicate with them? You will now have a presence in your customer's phone, you can send them directly to the mobile your promotions.

They are highly effective promotions very simple to create and make your customer returns to buy.

Know your customers.

You have access to the statistics of the buying habits of your customers, and you can manage your loyalty program to make it more effective.

Measure the reach of your promotions, knowing how many people you send, how many read it, and finally those who use it.

What our customers say?

Their opinnion is everything for us


My customers are happier now, and have noticed that more often again and bring their friends.

Cafetería El Encuentro.

Michel de la Rosa

Every month I send promotions to my customers, it goes direct to their mobiles, so I make sure that they see it and come back to buy.

Refan Santa Cruz.

Marcos Rieu

A really good way to reward my customers, also, with the stats I can see which are my most loyal customers.

Sushi by Sushingourmet.


It's cheaper than traditional punch cards and has way more features


  • Custom rewards program
  • 1 monthly promotion
  • Basic analytics
  • Social integration

No long-term contracts. Monthly payments.

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